Before I tell you all about why you might be interested in getting one, for everyone out there wondering what the hell a ‘percolator bong’ even is, I’ll explain first. A percolator might sound like something out of a high school science class, but it’s just the name for something that you’re probably already quite familiar with. If you’ve been smoking an ol’ faithful small and simple bubbler for years, maybe you really have no clue what a percolator bong is, but for anyone who has used or seen big, complex bongs in action will know exactly what I’m talking about without even realizing it yet.

Where The Word Comes From

A percolator, long before it was used in the context of a bong, was just a simple filtration mechanism in certain kinds of coffee machines. It’s a contraption which water bubbles through in simplest terms. Any idea where this is going now? Yep, it’s that extra chamber in big, heavy duty bongs which your smoke is filtered through. Depending on the price range of the bong, they can be designed in pretty funky ways and you have to pay top dollar to get the most efficient and bubbly percolator bongs out there. A lot of people think for some reason that this has an impact on the potency of the kush you hit through it, but actually these percolator chambers are solely for the purpose of bringing the temperature of the smoke down.

Pros And Cons

Percolators look awesome and they do have a huge effect on the smoothness of your bong rips, but are they worth it? That depends entirely on the person. A percolator bong is almost essential to any self respecting glass collector just for the aesthetic beauty of something like an intricate honeycomb percolator. If you care a lot about the smoothness and flavor of your bong sessions, it’s certainly worth it, but if your priority is getting high and you have lungs of steel that can handle a bit of harsher smoke, I wouldn’t worry about having a percolator bong in my life or not.