Weston Movies or Bowling: What’s the Best Place for a Date?

If you’re living in Weston, in the greater Miami-dade County, and you want to take someone out on a date, you’re probably thinking about the options you have.

Some of the evergreen ideas are a movie night and a bowling evening. They are both fun and can give the couple multiple chances for conversation and getting to know each other. So what between these two ideas is better if you’re living in Weston in the north-west part of Miami?

Movie night

Choosing to go to the movies is always a great idea. See what they have on their repertoire, choose a nice film that will be perfect for the evening, and enjoy the closeness. Make sure it is something that is not too hard to understand, not it has a lot of blood and gunshots in it. You want both to enjoy it.

Think about a romantic comedy or something that will fill you up with positive energy. Something inspiring and worth talking about it later.

One of the greatest problems in couples on their first dates is that it’s hard to come up with a subject to talk about. Both persons are going to be shy and hesitate whether something’s right to say or not. When you watch a film together, the words will flow on their own.

One problem is that there’s only one movie theater in Weston Florida. The good thing about it is that it was recently renovated and it now looks amazing. In other words, if you decide to take your date there, you can be sure that it will be a good experience.

Bowling evening

There are a few options when it comes to bowling. They are all similar to each other. You go together and spend some time competing against each other, which is something that is not the best idea of a date. It’s best if you are not too competitive because the other person might become offended.

However, a slight challenge that will provoke interaction, fun, and laughter is more than excellent. You will both have fun and see your athletic abilities which are something that can be highly important for some people.

A downturn is that bowling requires some physical effort after which both of you will get sweaty and uncomfortable, so it’s best to head home. If this doesn’t bother, then there’s no reason for anyone to call this date a failure. See more about bowling on this link.


If we compare the two ideas, then we’d go with the movie night as a winner. Why? Because of a few reasons. First, the movies provoke people to think and have a topic to discuss over. Then, it requires no physical effort which can even lead to injuries.

Another thing is that the newly renovated cinema is a great place to feel cool and hang out the best way possible. There’s no need for anything else but sitting next to each other and watch a movie. For those who are braver, this is a great opportunity for a small contact too.

After all, it’s classier to go see a movie and have dinner afterward then sweat in a big room full of same sweated people. It’s much better to spend a dinner afterward in a peaceful chat and talking about interesting topics than feeling uncomfortable in your own clothes.


All these things show you the difference between the two ideas. The decision doesn’t mean that one is better over the other. It only means that a date with a person that you’re not too close with is better done with the first option. See some other date ideas here:

If you’ve spent a couple of dates and you already know each other, then the story can be completely different. That’s why bowling alleys are always promoted as family-friendly places where couples can hang out and people can have fun.

Movies, on the other hand, are suitable for all kinds of ages and relationship statuses. You can spend some amazing time no matter the relationship with the person. Friends also go to the theater to see something interesting or inspiring.