Tips for learning to play piano better

Playing the piano is a wonderful activity. But it will be even more fun if the piano pieces you plays sound very good. Learning to play piano is experienced as difficult by many people. Although it is not an instrument that you will master within a few days, you will be able to play a nice song within a few weeks, provided you practice regularly, of course. That is why in this blog we give you some tips to help you learn to play the piano better.

Choose a good piano

If you want to learn to play the piano, you obviously need a piano. You can choose from an ordinary acoustic piano, a digital piano or even a grand piano. A keyboard can also do as long as you do not go for the children’s version, it has too few keys. It is important that your piano is velocity sensitive. This means that pressing a key harder will make the tone sound louder. Also make sure you have a sustain pedal, the most commonly used pedal of a piano.  Click this site for piano lessons. Are you afraid that you will disturb other roommates with your piano playing? Then choose a model where you can connect headphones, then you can go ahead undisturbed.

Make sure your piano is in top condition

Taking care of your piano is important if you want to learn to play piano well and beautifully. With an acoustic piano this means that you let him piano playing on time. A false piano does not sound. No matter how well you do your best, it does not sound good. And that does not immediately motivate. So keep your piano in top condition to play nicely. Most piano tuners look after your piano technically during tuning. Then you know immediately where you stand and whether further maintenance and / or repairs are needed.

Learn to listen

Listen to as many types and genres of music as possible. Making music is not purely a technical matter. There is also feeling involved. By listening to music a lot, you learn how the music works. How you can put your feeling into your music. You can then apply this again when you play the piano yourself. You train your musical audience by playing songs on your hearing. Listen carefully and then re-enact yourself.

Practice playing the piano

If you want to learn to play the piano, you will have to practice regularly. But how often should you practice? To practice, too often is not good, too little of course not.  Do you want to know how often you should practice learning to play well? Then follow the instructions of your teacher well.

Make music together

Making music together is the best thing there is. In addition, it is also very instructive. You can gain inspiration and techniques from each other and apply in your own piano game. It does not matter if you play the piano together. A singer accompanies you on your piano or is part of a complete orchestra. Make use of this educational experience.

Take piano lessons

It is an in-store, of course, but if you want to learn piano well, click this site for piano lessons. You do not have to call your piano teacher every week now. You can easily follow piano lessons online, when it suits you best.