It had been only a couple of levels shy of swimming weather a couple of days ago by the pool. I walked across the shore within my jeans along with a red tankini top, the salt air refreshing against my skin although not quite cold. My two siblings and a few buddies and that i had to have a short hike lower the shore. Up ahead, a little freshwater creek left the pine forest across the beach and cut across our path. Water from the creek would be a ribbon of earthy red crossing the white-colored sandy beach. Once we contacted, I stated to my sister Audra, “let us jump it!” It had been a shallow creek, and just about seven ft wide, easily fordable. But something inside me desired to run, to leap, to risk splashing lower within the cold water. Carefully wading across just wasn’t going to get it done for me personally. I needed to leap the creek – never ever apart from the it.

My sister enthusiastically agreed, therefore we had a running start and started to operate willy-nilly lower the shore, our ft pounding lower in to the soft, powdery sand. The narrow creek contacted quickly, the wind within my face advocating me along, my hair flying about, so when we arrived at the sandy edges leading lower in to the creek, we hurdled with the air as though jumping the Grand Gorge. I arrived just lacking sleep issues, delivering gemstone drops water spraying throughout me and soaking the cuff of my jeans. My sister arrived right with me at night so we chuckled like children. It had been fun. I felt happy and alive.

The 14th Dalai Lama stated, “The objective of our way of life will be happy.” Indeed. This purpose I happily tell all fellow humans. Along the way regarding your day, are you distracted by happiness, laughter and fun? As children, everything we did was just for fun. Which was the reason behind every action. Which was negligence me which had to leap over the creek. While you complete your everyday responsibilities – likely to work, doing the laundry, checking your email, whatever your everyday habits might be – is fun your own personal purpose? Is happiness your objective?

Whenever you were more youthful, the quest for fun and happiness came naturally. You did not need to put lots of effort into searching for this. In case your mother had requested you, “So dear, will you attempt to have some fun today?” you’d have checked out her like she was crazy. Fun is really a child’s apparent objective. If they would like to develop a castle, they’ve fun doing the work. If they would like to plant some flowers, there is a blast along the way. Dirt pies – fun. Cleansing the dog – fun. Sooner or later our priorities change. Our purpose and objective frequently becomes money and work. The apparent and natural engagement in fun activities falls towards the wayside.

When I am taking myself too seriously, writing in the computer or something like that, my boy always jogs my memory of my priorities. He’ll reach me and say, “Let us play tigers!” and we’ll wrestle on the ground, growling and meowing. Or he’ll increase in my experience and say, “Look, a rainbow!” and indicate the refracted light from the sunlight shining through some glass. Becoming an adult does not mean abandoning searching for fun. If existence isn’t intended for fun and happiness, what exactly is it intended for?