Cape Town – The Very Best Option for Film Productions

Cape Town continues to be growing in recognition during the last 10 years, not only like a tourist destination but additionally like a prime place for film productions of sizes and shapes from worldwide blockbusters to small independent movies. So what exactly is it about South Africa’s Mother City that draws worldwide stars and well-known company directors every year?


Cape Town is fortunate having a beautiful and incredibly varied landscape. In the dramatic mountain tops, to pristine beaches, vineyards, rivers, forests and moving farmland as well as desert, there’s an area for virtually any requirement. The town is equally versatile, with historic architecture in addition to sleek modern urban facades and villas.


Cape Town’s summer time offers lengthy times of shooting, just once the Northern hemisphere is incorporated in the grip of winter. Warm sunshine, blue skies, and little rain within a lengthy summer time season, allow it to be super easy to schedule shooting, with simply the the least time wasted by adverse climate conditions.

First class infrastructure

Cape Town comes with an alluring infrastructure of skilled local crews, production services and all sorts of support services needed with a film production small or big. The Cape Town Film Studios opened up this year have added an additional dimension permitting films to become shot on set and also on location. Publish-production services will also be high quality and also the primary language spoken is British, which makes it even simpler for worldwide teams to utilize the neighborhood talent.

Luxury Accommodation

There’s a great deal of high quality accommodation to select from within the city, with the amenities expected by worldwide teams and celebrities. An appropriate and enjoyable stay makes everybody more lucrative and also the comfortable and laid-back vibe of Cape town has got the big stars coming back over and over, even if no longer working on the movie.


The exchange rates are generally very favourable for visitors from Europe and also the US. This taken along with the accessibility to skilled local crew and services implies that budgets stretch further and get greater than they might if filming home.